Augmented Reality

Workshop 1 29 April
Enjoyed the AR discovery session, a chance to explore AR potential
Workshop 2 30 April

May 1 : First task to organise a head block to be permed. Spoke to Jodi Bowen (ex Hairdressing teacher) and she said the team was really keen and would have a head block done by that afternoon.

May 3 – : Researched 3d modelling software that may have been available for free or low cost. Most 3D modelling software was more concerned with printing with 3D model printers. Eventually went with cubify. Read the instructions for taking the photos in readiness for converting to 3D.

May 8: Busy at work and after 5 days still no head block Eventually chased down the hairdressing team and set a date for captured the video needed to add to the 3D model. I used the flip camera. Job wasn’t too bad.

May 9: Took the necessary photos, used a lazy susan to spin the head block around and keep the camera at a set angle with no visible shake. First go I took 17 photos all on one plane.

May 11 – 12: Ran them through Cubify. The program hung at the uploading pictures stage. There was a lack of instructions as to what steps should be taken. I contacted Cubify and they said they would get back to me, ……still waiting
Went back to the web to search for other software, found 123D catch on the ipad but wouldn’t work there so I explored more for a desktop application. Eventually found an installation file and loaded this onto my computer. Enquired about the AR camp, booked airfares & accommodation

May 14: First attempt failed. I read more information on 1213D catch and they said to take many photos on all planes so went back to the model and took more photos, around 30 this time.

May 15: Uploaded those and this time, the software tried rendering a 3D model but it was terrible and totally unusable. Went back to the original 17 photos and tried again. No luck, someone suggested that the photos had too much detail. If I get time I will try to re-format the images
David, my colleague, asked for 4 photos, front, back, top and side and he would see if he could create a model. Unfortunately I haven’t had a response from him as he is currently on leave. Will wait in anticipation.

May 16: Finding the right software to edit the video, my computer was updated and took ages to get CS5 on my computer with Premier Pro, so resorted to using my home computer with Photoshop elements. This worked quite well. I reduced a 10:27 minute movie down to 2.47 minutes. At this stage it is without sound. To get the sound I will have to go back to the hairdressing team and get them to either record a narrative that suits the shortened video or provide a narrative that I can record. As every teaching team is time poor then this task can be difficult.

May 19: flight to Canberra, checking out maps on how to get to Canberra University, then to bed in readiness for a big day.

May 20: -3 degrees this morning, rugged up and walked about 2 klm to university. Found the building after a bit of wandering around as the new Student Accommodation was being built quite close and the map didn’t show the road closures.
Started with coffee and then the treasure hunt. This used many of the trigger images we had on our 2 day workshop. There were a few extras from Dreamworks that were advertising movies. Loved the Inspire building, met Mathew from iDesign training from Brisbane.
Welcome session by Danny and Matt and Rob Manson the creator of ARstudio
After morning tea, we had several presentations.
AR at Canberra Theatre, initially I was wondering where the talk was coming from as there was a lot of what I thought was irrelevant information on the designing and collaboration between the gaming team and the actors and directors. They were putting an outdoor theatre experience and combining it with a bit of AR and plenty of gaming software. I eventually got what they were trying to achieve by the end of their presentation.
Design 29 was really fascinating using images in the National Archives and creating ARs for the various artefacts. Most of the work was in compiling the data to present through the trigger images. Learnt more about the difficulties of trigger figures, especially using pictures, maps, drawings from greyscale pictures that are faded and very little detail and poor light. The name Design 29 gives no indication as to what the project is about. The National Archives exhibition of early Canberra can be seen with their ipads, not your own device. Open until the end of September in Canberra. The reason for their ipads was because of poor wifi most of the data was pre-loaded onto the devices so the experience was more seamless for the participant.
Garden of Australian Dreams was quite interesting but the one thing that stuck was the difficulty of getting students to develop multiple ARs in a small space, the difficulty in distinguishing each AR and then what happens to them in the future, are we developing a sort of space junk that can’t be removed unless the original creator deletes their ARs.
Apositve I originally had a look through Aurasma as part of the treasure hunt a smaller version of a poster that discussed the carbon emmissions and sustainabiltiy around the Canberra University. When I scanned the smaller Aura (buildAR) I got a picture of map which didn’t really reveal anything of interest. It was only after Amber explained her project that I later realised her poster (full-size) was made up of seven different Auras that showed carbon emissions targets, how buildings were progressing, the winners, etc. the data collection for this project was collected by Amber and took up the majority of her work which was part of her Masters (I think).







After lunch was a mini design workshop, similar to our 2 day workshop. Some very different ideas came out of this session.
The next session was on Aurasma for iPads and Aurasma for desktops so we had a hands on session and a discussion about the software and limitations.
The last session was to be a Skype session with Mataio but didn’t happen, hopefully in the morning.
Then drinks before walking back to hotel and dinner. Was disappointed about the number of people that said they were coming but didn’t turn up. Most of them were locals from Canberra, hopefully no one missed out that would have liked to come if the bookings closed due to enough participants.

May 21: 6 degrees warmer than yesterday, it was 3 degrees, had company when walking to the Uni, Rowen from Box Hill Institute of TAFE
First presentation was from Thomas Tucker from the US, he talked about how they were using AR to bring to life a section of the university from its earliest days and how they were creating 3D models of buildings, maps of the area and gathering data from some of the elderly citizens that could remember events and places in that area.
He also talked about a project that he did in the middle East, I can’t remember exactly but the focus was more on creating 3D models of ancient city that no longer existed and bringing this to life with AR. He also demonstrated his 3D model camera. Awesome, if I had a spare 50,000 dollars.
We then were able to skype in with Metaio from San Francisco (I think), he talked about AR and how it was being used in Education. He showed some great examples, especially in museums. Also many advances with marketing etc especially the pull-up pants that help kids potty train.
Next session I chose was the introduction workshop of BuildAR. Was a little disappointed as I was expecting a bit more structure but it was more individual process. Rob went around to see what people were working on and just helped them but didn’t get around to everyone. We were left to our own devices for quite a period. There was no definite break period between the repeat sessions. Although he did say they would explain more of the advance features, this wasn’t covered at all.
I did get one idea around the 3d model I was struggling with and that was take a short video that went around the model and then I could use that instead of a 3D model.
I did eventually get my trigger image to link to my movie I had created and was able to get the AR working but then I discovered that the software currently does not allow you to have one video and then tap to another video. You can link to a second video that goes out to windows media player and the student can walk away from the trigger image to view the video. The only problem was that the video didn’t ever upload. Not sure if it was the bandwidth or not, couldn’t get any answers from Rob or Alex. The video was only 2.47 minutes so not too long.
The last session was supposed to be on AR drone, 3d printing or green screen but as there were so few participants around we all watched the Green room being demonstrated. The green room is esentially a very large piece of material hung from the wall and then drapped along the floor to provide a great background to a video. There were a number of photographic lights pointing to the green cloth area. Danny was the actor and Matt Bacon videod a very short piece of acting by Danny. He recorded this on his iphone as this was the easiest and simplist method of capturing the video in the right format. They they went into Adobe photoshop, removed the green background and made it transparent and then this became an aura from Danny’s business card. I can’t remember then whether they used aurasma to create the Aura or buildAR. It was all a blur by that time.
We then said our goodbyes. Looking forward to the ebook in October. Caught a taxi to the airport with Mat and Rowen, eventually getting home by 10:30pm.

May 22: brought in the lazy susan and took a video of the head block. This video took a short film of the whole head, from front to back then back to the front, top of the head etc. around 3 mins raw film.

May 23: edited the video down to 30 secs and then tried to edit my original aura in Aurasma with the second video. But no, again the main limitation with these applications is that you cannot put a second video to a trigger image.

nearly there

Just sorting out tages etc for ds106. Also dealing with major flooding around my area, backyard and surrounding district. I am not far from Toowoomba QLD where 8 people have lost their lives in flash flooding and 72 people still missing. Rain has not stopped for days.

digital storytelling

I have been exploring digital storytelling and have been following Bavatuesdays blog. I have been accepted to register for this free course and there are some great people already part of the community. I thought I should revisit this blog to use for the course etc. I have been a bit slack on blogs at the moment as work is just piling up. not sure how I ever completed my Masters in Education and still managed to do the same workload.

Keeping up with good e-learning tips

Just found a great page explaining fully how to set up a podcast. The link is from Stephen downs OLDaily posted on October 26 2009 The second topic is from Wesley Fryer, Moving at the speed of Creativity.
just in case the Stephen downs OlDaily is lost from my email box
here is the link

Tuesday unfolding

last night I went onto QUT virtual to see if I could get to the readings for my second subject, (eventually I will learn their codes and names)
I managed to link to the readings and saved some so that I could print out and read in a cooler part of the house. By the time I saved those, read my emails etc I was feeling really tired and couldn’t keep my eyes open. I think it was the heat as yesterday was really hot, around 37 degrees and with all the stress over the bushfires etc in Victoria where my family are and watching the news and bauling my eyes out because of the tragic deaths of so many people in Victoria I was not up to reading. So I have better intentions tonight. Because of the heat I am not going linedancing tonight and so I will have an early night to get into the readings. I hope to go into Cyberlearnings and check out the wiki and blog etc before I go home because my internet connection at home is really slow. So less blogging and more surfing QUT Virtual

study so far

Despite my best intentions yesterday things didn’t go to plan. I went scrapbooking in the morning and left early so I could come home and get some study done. By the time I got home it was quite hot so I jumped in the pool to cool off and then turned on my computer and made myself a cup of coffee. I was just about to look at Animoto, suggested in class as it can create avetars etc, Kristen and Carine came in. They were just having lunch. They were supposed to be canoeing but it was too hot so they came a calling. I still had my phone on silent from the Orientation sessions so I didn’t hear their calls on my phone. They even tried to skype me but I wasn’t at my computer when they were trying.
So I talked for a while and Kristen wanted to play games or start a jigsaw. I asked how long they were staying and they said till tomorrow morning as they were canoeing at Lowood Sunday.
I told them that I was going on a very early motorcycle ride and was leaving home around 4:30am. No problems so I really didn’t get a chance to do any study.

This morning I woke up around 4:00 and quickly got dressed, had a hot lemon drink and 1 piece of toast then jumped on my bike. It was quite dark so I had to take a torch to see where my bike was etc. then the headlight doesn’t really stay on until you are doing around 10mph which is really too fast to negotiate the muddy and bumpy driveway. Normally my light is fine when I come home at dark for most of the trip down the drive but it wasn’t working all that well this morning. I managed to get up the drive and then on the road it was fine. I was expecting around 40 bikes but when I got to the service station there were around 160 bikes and 200 people. It was amazing. We all left at 5:00am and headed through Walloon to Aratula then across to Mt Alford and Rathdowney. At one stage I could see no bikes from Maroon dam to Rathdowney. When I arrived at Rathdowney most of the pack were parked and finally the last bunch came in as I was in the queue for the loo.

After a short stop we then headed to Beaudesert then across to the Cunningham highway then Roadvale, Rosevale, Harrisville then Warril View, Rosewood and finally to Laidley Cultural centre where we were given a goodies bag with a T-Shirt, water bottle, cap and keyring. we then lined up for breakfast. A welcome sight and plenty of food despite our fears as they were way more bikes and people turned up than was originally anticipated.

After breakfast and the fundraising auction, raffles etc., of which I won a Spyder pack which consisted of a cap, a polo shirt and a keyring holder. I headed off home.

Got back around 10:30 and I was really tired so I had a nap until my phone rang. It was Wendy and Tanya to say that Bethany has had her baby. 1:00am this morning. It was a boy Xander Samson. and all were well.
I was still a little sleepy but jumped into the pool and then when I was more awake I made a coffee and logged on to my computer.

I checked out Animoto and it wasn’t at all what I expected. It is a free service where you send in your pictures and they will put some music on to it and make a great slideshow to the music. That is all, nothing else. It is free if the movie is less than 30 seconds. otherwise you have to pay $3.00 per video made. No two movies are the same as you can get them to recreate the music etc and the photos are mixed up etc.

I then had a look at iSpring and downloaded my free copy to my external hard drive and my flashdisk. I was then going to start the program but I couldn’t find a powerpoint that has music and animation etc. ISpring will convert your powerpoint with music, voice, animation etc into a flash movie which is really what we want when we want to load powerpoints up into my.TAFE. I just didn’t have the energy to create a powerpoint with music and animation at this stage. I do have some at work so will wait till tomorrow.
Now I am going to tidy up my igoogle page and put in some links to QUT virtual and this blog from the one page.
That’s it for Sunday so far